It’s your space and together we can make it great.

There’s a lot that goes into the perfect room and each every project is unique. Mattinson-White has many services to choose from and each one is tailored to meet the specific needs of the project. So whether you’re moving to a new apartment, building a new house or adding a home a theatre, we can make it sing. Have a look at our services bellow, we’re here to help.

Home Redefining

Time passes and styles change. We can evaluate your current space and develop a plan that re-imagines and refreshes your home. By utilizing existing elements while adding new ones, we guarantee you’ll love your home more than ever.

Renovation Planning

Whether it’s adding a new room, tearing out a kitchen or remodeling bathroom, we’ll work together to plan a space that’s both functional and beautiful. With my help you get the most out of your budget and we can work directly with your contractor tradespeople. If you prefer we also provide turnkey solutions with our team of industry experts.

New Home Planning

A new home is the largest purchase you’ll ever make, so why settle for cookie cutter? We will start with your home plan and work with your builder’s allowances for cabinets, flooring, fixtures etc. to provide you with custom choices and options that will truly allow you to realize your vision.

Lighting Plans

Good lighting is critical to enjoying any space. But it’s often not something people think about unless it’s too bright, too dim or just plain wrong. A solid plan can help you define what the lighting in each room needs to accomplish, determine what mood you want to create and provide style options or furniture layouts that work in harmony with the rest of your room design.

Moving & Downsizing/Upsizing

Maybe you’re moving to a larger home, retiring to smaller one or just moving to a different one. When your home changes, we can help plan a transition to your new space. Sometimes it’s as simple as figuring out where to put everything and sometimes it’s the perfect opportunity to make some changes, leave some things behind or even add new elements.

Home Theatre Design

Home theatres are increasingly popular, but there’s much more to think about than the audio and video equipment. We work with our clients to plan the entire room including any structural changes, furniture, acoustic wall treatments and layered lighting to ensure the best viewing experience. We work directly with your technology installer to incorporate the projection and audio system while hiding cabling and connections for a clean, uncluttered room. Our goal is to create a space that’s as enjoyable and beautiful when the lights are on as when the lights go down.

Shopping Services

Whether you’re outfitting an entire room or looking for a single piece, sometimes all you need is a little extra help. We can shop with you, or for you, and we’ll use our expertise and access to unique brands and products to find the pieces that help you truly express who you are.

Hospitality and Commercial

Your design can help shape the culture of your business, set the tone for your brand and define the experience for your customers. We understand that commercial projects, plans and materials are different, but we apply the same principles of understanding your needs and developing a plan that beautifully integrates function and design.