Design vs. Decorating

With the ever-increasing popularity of home decorating TV shows, the terms interior design and interior decorating are often portrayed as the same thing. But make no mistake, there’s a big difference.

Interior decorators focus on cosmetic changes to spaces using fabrics, paint, accessories and furnishings to define a room. Interior designers also perform these functions, but their training and expertise goes much deeper. Professionally educated interior designers use their experience and education to identify, research and creatively solve problems related to the function and quality of spaces.

We integrate beauty and functionality, because planning for only one is a sure way to short-change your vision. A good rule of thumb to remember is that interior designers are usually trained to decorate, but interior decorators are not trained or qualified to design.

Interior Designers offer our clients more:

• Feasibility studies of space
• Establishing design concepts
• Planning safe & barrier free spaces
• Plans for demolition and construction of walls and other physical space changes
• Detailed woodwork and millwork
• Ceilings and lighting plan design
• Renderings to ensure comprehensive pricing
• Cost analysis and control
• Project management during construction and coordination with other trades
• Design “special-use” spaces like home theatre rooms
• Floor plans and spatial layouts
• Plan furniture, fixtures and fabrics that integrate seamlessly